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StreamDialog Class Reference

#include <streamdialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for StreamDialog:


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Detailed Description

List of Streams and their properties. This Dialog lets the user select what data file and which transform to apply for a specific stream. This is a Singleton.

Definition at line 23 of file streamdialog.h.

Public Member Functions

void set_document (DocRef document_)
void show_raise ()

Static Public Member Functions

static StreamDialoginstance ()

Private Member Functions

void _update (DocRef document_)
Gtk::Button * fix_button (Gtk::Button *button, int action_id)
void on_param_row_changed (const Gtk::TreeModel::Path &path, const Gtk::TreeModel::iterator &iter)
void on_response (int response_id)
void on_selection_changed ()
void operator= (const StreamDialog &)
 StreamDialog (const StreamDialog &)
 StreamDialog ()
void update ()
void update_params (TextStream *)

Private Attributes

Glib::ustring current_selection
DocRef document
FileEntry file_entry
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::ListStore > main_model
Gtk::Entry name_entry
Gtk::Widget * param_box
Gtk::TreeView param_list
Glib::RefPtr< Gtk::ListStore > param_model
Gtk::Widget * propsbox
Gtk::TreeView stream_list
FileEntry xfrm_entry

Static Private Attributes

static StreamDialog_instance = 0

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