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font::FTMetrics Class Reference

#include <freetype.hh>

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Detailed Description

Uses FreeType to read font metrics.

Definition at line 12 of file freetype.hh.

Public Member Functions

 FTMetrics (const std::string &filename)
unsigned int get_glyph_index (gunichar c) const
float getAscender () const
 The distance from the baseline to the top of the heighest glyph.
int getBBox (int idx) const
 return values in millipoints
float getCapHeight () const
 The preferred size of small caps.
float getDescender () const
 This is positive, for descenders below the baseline.
float getExHeight () const
 The height of the letter x.
std::string getGlyphName (const Glib::ustring &chars) const
float getItalicAngle () const
 The slant angle of the font.
std::string getName () const
 This is the real name, not the postscript name.
std::string getPostscriptName () const
 The name to be used in postscript code.
float getUnderlinePos () const
 The preferred distance from the baseline to the underline.
float getUnderlineThickness () const
 The preferred thickness of the underline.
float getWidth (const Glib::ustring &str) const
 Width of string when typset in this font.
bool hasGlyph (const std::string &glyphname) const
 True if the font has a particular glyph.
std::string nameOfGlyph (unsigned int glyph_index) const
unsigned int numOfGlyphs () const
void write_CIDToGIDMap (std::ostream &out) const

Private Member Functions

 FTMetrics (const FTMetrics &)
void operator= (const FTMetrics &)

Private Attributes

float capHeight
float exHeight
FT_Face face
float italicAngle

Static Private Attributes

static FT_Library library = 0

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