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font::FontManager Class Reference

#include <fontmanager.hh>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

This is a singleton.

Definition at line 22 of file fontmanager.hh.

Public Types

typedef std::set< std::string > FontNames
typedef std::set< std::string > FontPaths
enum  generic_font {
  serif, sans_serif, cursive, fantasy,

Public Member Functions

void fontAlias (const string &alias, const string &fontname)
FontNames getAvailableFonts () const
const font::MetricsgetFont (const string &name)
string getFontFile (const string &fontname) const
const FontPaths & getFontPaths () const
string getMetricsFile (const string &fontname) const
void reportFonts (std::ostream &out) const
string unalias (const string &fontname, bool recursive=true) const

Static Public Member Functions

static FontManagerinstance ()

Private Types

typedef std::pair< string, string > FilePair
 first is metrics file, second is font file
typedef std::multimap< string,
string > 
typedef std::map< string,
 Map each fontname to a FilePair.
typedef std::map< string,
font::Metrics * > 

Private Member Functions

void checkOutAFM (const string &filename)
void checkOutTrueType (const string &filename)
void checkOutType1 (const string &filename)
 FontManager (const FontManager &)
FilePair getFontFiles (const string &fontname) const
void loadFont (const string &fontname)
FontManageroperator= (const FontManager &)

Private Attributes

FontAliases fontaliases
FontFiles fontfiles
FontPaths fontpaths
MetricsMap metrics_map

Static Private Attributes

static FontManager_instance = 0
static Glib::StaticMutex mutex = GLIBMM_STATIC_MUTEX_INIT

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