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xml2ps::Canvas Class Reference

#include <canvas.hh>

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Detailed Description

An abstract class for a canvas. For instantiation, there is a subclass PsCanvas that writes to a PsStream. later on, there might be an XCanvas or something that draws on a window for fast interaction with pptout.

The Canvas has knowledge about columns, and about the "current" column. When the current column is filled, the next is started.

Definition at line 38 of file canvas.hh.

Public Types

typedef std::vector< PageBoundary > PageVec

Public Member Functions

virtual void addMargin (const float &m)
virtual void addRelObstacle (const float left, const float bottom, const float right, const float top)
 Canvas (const PageVec &pages, bool allow_extra_pages)
virtual void closePage ()=0
virtual const float & down (const float &step)
const PageBoundary & getCurrentPage () const
virtual float getRise () const =0
virtual bool getSubstituteFontAliases () const
const font::Fonts & getUsedFonts () const
HBox hbox (bool span, float margin_left, float margin_right, float ascender, float descender)
virtual void line (float x1, float y1, float x2, float y2)=0
virtual void moveto (float hpos, float vpos)=0
virtual void newPage ()
virtual void reserveHeight (const float &hspace, bool span=false)
virtual void setfont (const font::FontInfo &font)
virtual void setgray (float gray)=0
virtual void setSubstituteFontAliases (bool subst)
virtual void setWordSpace (const float &space)=0
virtual void show (const Glib::ustring &text)=0
virtual float textRise (float rise)=0
virtual void underlineFrom (const float &below)=0
virtual void underlineTo (const float &below, const float &thickness)=0
virtual void whitespace (const float &space)=0
virtual void whitespace ()=0

Protected Attributes

PageVec::iterator cur_page_
PageVec pages_

Private Attributes

bool allow_extra_pages_
int cur_column
float height_
float margin
bool substitute_font_aliases
font::Fonts used_fonts
float vpos

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