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xml2ps::ObstacleNode Class Reference

#include <xly.hh>

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Detailed Description

Add an obstacle - i.e. an area that wont be written over. The area is created "at print time", so it can only be "below the current point".

Definition at line 159 of file xly.hh.

Public Types

enum  Align { left, justify, right, center }
typedef std::pair< int, int > CharSpaceCount
typedef std::vector< Node * > NodeVect

Public Member Functions

virtual void add (Node *node)
NodeVect::const_iterator begin () const
virtual void close ()
CharSpaceCount countChars (const Node *from, const Node *to) const
Glib::ustring d () const
virtual void debug (std::ostream &out, bool nl=true)
NodeVect::const_iterator end () const
Align getAlign () const
const font::FontInfo & getFont () const
const std::string & getFontName () const
const float & getFontSize () const
Element & getParent () const
float getWidth () const
Node * nodeBefore () const
Node * nodeBefore (const Node *node=0) const
 ObstacleNode (Element &parent, const Attributes &attr)
const Node * printPart (Canvas &canvas, const Node *from, const Node *to, const float &whitewidth, const float &cwidth) const

Protected Attributes

NodeVect nodes

Private Attributes

float bottom_
float left_
float right_
float top_

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