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#ifndef DOCVIEW_H       // -*- c++ -*-
#define DOCVIEW_H
// Copyright (C) 2002 - 2004, Fredrik Arnerup & Rasmus Kaj, See COPYING
#include "view.h"
#include "viewent.h"
#include "document/group.h"
#include "docmeta.h"
#include <gdkmm.h>
#include <libgnomecanvasmm.h>
#include <memory> // auto_ptr

class TemplatePageDialog;
class Page;
class TextStream;

namespace snap {
  enum Mode {GRID, GUIDE, NONE};

class DocumentView: public Gnome::Canvas::Canvas, public View {
  SigC::Signal0<void> current_page_num_changed_signal;
  SigC::Signal0<void> document_changed_signal;
  SigC::Signal0<void> document_set_signal;
  SigC::Signal1<void, float> zoom_change_signal;

  Gdk::Color white, black, gray, red;

  DocumentView(DocMeta, float zoom_factor = 1.0);

  void set_document(DocMeta d);
  DocRef get_document() const { return document.get_document(); }
  DocMeta get_document_meta() const { return document; }
  void set_current_page_num(int);
  int get_current_page_num() const { return current_page_num; }
  Page* get_page();
  float get_zoom_factor() const { return zoom_factor; }
  void set_zoom_factor(float);

  void insert_page_before();
  void insert_page_after();
  void delete_page();

  void copy();
  void cut();
  void paste();

  void delete_selected();
  void rearrange_selected(RearrangeTarget target);
  void group_selected();
  void ungroup_selected();
  void new_text_frame(TextStream *stream);
  void new_image_frame(std::string, float res = -1);
  void select_all_frames();
  void unselect_all_frames();

  Gnome::Canvas::Group& get_pagent_group() { return pagent_group; }
  Gnome::Canvas::Group& get_guide_group() { return guide_group; }

  const Gdk::Color& get_color(Color::Id color) const;

  void set_snap(snap::Mode mode) { snap_mode = mode; }
  snap::Mode get_snap() const { return snap_mode; }
  double get_scrres() const { return resolution * zoom_factor; }
  float pt2scr(float pt) const;
  float scr2pt(float scr) const;
  // Important! the scalar versions of pt2scr and scr2pt only perform
  // length conversions while the vector versions also convert between
  // right- and left-handed coordinate systems
  Gdk::Point pt2scr(const Vector& pt) const;
  Vector scr2pt(const Gdk::Point& scr) const;

  bool on_key_press_event(GdkEventKey*); // called from Window

  // Undefined ctors, avoid defaults
  DocumentView(const DocumentView&);
  void operator = (const DocumentView&);

  Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::Window> win;
  Viewent::Ref pageview;
  Gnome::Canvas::Group no_pages_group, pagent_group, guide_group, handle_group;
  std::auto_ptr<Gnome::Canvas::Rect> no_pages_frame;
  std::auto_ptr<Gnome::Canvas::Text> no_pages_text;
  Gnome::Canvas::Rect *handles[8]; /// managed by the canvas

  /// a connection to the selected pagents geometry_changed_signal
  SigC::Connection selected_geometry_connection;
  /// a connection to the selected pagents props_changed_signal
  SigC::Connection selected_props_connection;
  /// keep track of which pagent the connection is to
  Pagent *last_selected;

  snap::Mode snap_mode;
  int margin_size;
  float resolution; //ppi
  float zoom_factor;
  Vector old_size;
  Matrix old_matrix;
  IVector offset;
  int reshape_box, current_page_num;
  bool moving, reshaping;
  DocMeta document;
  Page *old_page; //last page visited
  std::auto_ptr<TemplatePageDialog> template_page_dialog;

  void on_clipboard_get(Gtk::SelectionData& selection_data, guint info);
  void on_clipboard_clear();
  void on_clipboard_received(const Gtk::SelectionData& selection_data);

  /// If there is a reshape box at pixel coordinates (x, y) return the
  /// index of the box, otherwise return -1.
  int hover_reshape(int x, int y);
  /// Set the scroll region of the canvas to fit the size of the document
  void reset_scroll_region();

  void on_realize();
  bool on_button_press_event(GdkEventButton*);
  bool on_button_release_event(GdkEventButton*);
  bool on_motion_notify_event(GdkEventMotion*);
  void on_drag_data_received(const Glib::RefPtr<Gdk::DragContext>& context, 
                       int x, int y, GtkSelectionData* selection_data, 
                       guint info, guint time);
  void update_handles();

  void refresh_streams();
  void begin_move(int x, int y);
  void end_move(bool revert);
  void begin_reshape(int x, int y, int box);
  void end_reshape(bool revert);
  void move_reshape_box(int x, int y);

  void act_on_document_change(DocRef document_);
  void act_on_selection_change(DocRef document_);
  void update_document_size(DocRef document_);
  Gdk::Cursor get_cursor(int x, int y);
  void update_cursor(int x, int y);
  bool in_move_area(int x, int y);
  Pagent* in_select_area(int x, int y);

  SigC::Connection connect_zoom_change(SigC::Slot1<void, float> slot) {
    return zoom_change_signal.connect(slot);


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