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#ifndef TEXTSTREAM_H          // -*- c++ -*-
// Copyright (C) 2002 - 2004, Fredrik Arnerup & Rasmus Kaj, See COPYING
#include "util/filewatcher.h"
#include "util/xmlwrap.h"
#include "xml2ps/pscanvas.hh"
#include "ps/pdf.h"
#include "filecontext.h"
#include <list>
#include <sigc++/object.h>

class TextFrame;
namespace xml2ps { class PDFCanvas; }

 * A source of text associated with a set of TextFrame s.
 * TextStream keeps a list of TextFrames.  When association is set,
 * TextStream runs an XSLT transformation (external xsltproc, so far) to
 * convert the association into the xml2ps dtd.
 * Then xml2ps (internally linked) reads the output from the transform and
 * produces postscript for the actual TextFrames (which will emit signals to
 * be redrawn).
 * When the docview tells the page to draw itself, the text frame
 * looks at its ps_exists member to detemine if it should read its
 * parsed_file. If it is false, the frame calls
 * TextStream::generate_ps_request which will run xml2ps if
 * necessary. This also happens when a frame is resized.
00032 class TextStream: public SigC::Object {
   * Create a new TextStream.
   * \param _name the name of the stream (for the user).
   * \param _association the source XML file associated with the stream.
   * \param _transform the XSLT stylesheet to apply.
  TextStream(const std::string& _name, const std::string& _association,
            const std::string& _transform);
   * Load a TextStream from XML.
   * \param node the XML element containing information about the TextStream.
   * \param context information about the file we are loading from, for
   * relative URIs etc.
  TextStream(const ElementWrap& xml);

   * Save this TextStream to its XML format.
   * \param parent_node the XML node that will contain the saved node.
   * \param context file context for relative URIs.
  xmlpp::Element *save(xmlpp::Element& parent_node, 
                   const FileContext &context) const;

  void add_frame(TextFrame *text_frame);
  void remove_frame(TextFrame *text_frame);

  void generate_ps_request(TextFrame *frame = 0);
  void set_association(const std::string &s);
  const std::string &get_association() const;

  void set_name(const std::string &s);
  const std::string &get_name() const;

  void set_transform(const std::string& s);
  const std::string &get_transform() const;
  void set_parameter(const std::string& name, const std::string& value);

  // This doesn't really feel good, for an interface ...
  typedef std::map<std::string, std::string> ParamMap;
  typedef ParamMap::const_iterator ParamIter;
  ParamIter param_begin() const { return parameters.begin(); }
  ParamIter param_end() const { return parameters.end(); }

  void run_typesetter(); // public, so DocumentView can run it 

  const font::Fonts &get_used_fonts() const {return used_fonts;}
  /** Get the raw postscript data for a specific frame from the canvas */
  void outputPageRaw(std::ostream& out, const TextFrame* frame);
  /** Get the eps data for a specific frame from the canvas */
  void outputPageEps(std::ostream& out, const TextFrame* frame);
  void print_pdf(PDF::Document::Ptr pdfdoc);
  PDF::Object::Ptr getPagePDF(const TextFrame* frame);
  typedef std::list<TextFrame*> Frames;
  std::string name, association, transform;
  Frames frames;
  bool failed; // true if the last attempt to typeset failed
  FileWatcher association_watcher, transform_watcher;
  std::string typesetter_error;
  void on_file_modified();

  bool on_idle();

  font::Fonts used_fonts;
  ParamMap parameters;

  Glib::RefPtr<xml2ps::PsCanvas> canvas;
  std::map<const TextFrame*, unsigned int> pageno_map;
  class WorkerThread;
  Glib::RefPtr<WorkerThread> typesetter_thread;
  std::auto_ptr<xml2ps::PDFCanvas> pdfcanvas;
  // Undefined ctors, avoid defaults
  TextStream(const TextStream&);
  void operator = (const TextStream&);


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