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Todo List

Member xml2ps::Canvas::hbox (bool span, float margin_left, float margin_right, float ascender, float descender)
Don't hardcode this!

Member CmdLine::print_usage (std::ostream &out)
Wrap lines if they exceed the term_width

Member PDF::Content::show (const Glib::ustring &s)
ugly hack

Member Document::changed_signal
fix this

Member Document::containing (Pagent &obj)
these also break encapsulation

Member Document::delete_page (int page_num)
temporary fix to make sure deleted objects are not still selected:

Member Document::make_up_new_name ()
Try again from 1, in case a stream was deleted or renamed, but only once, so we don't get stuck in an eternal loop. Don't start from 1 each time, to avoid confusing the user

Member Document::open (const std::string &filename)
Check if get_document is guaranteed to not return 0.

Member Document::open (const std::string &filename)
Signify the "bad xml" level?

Member Document::xml_open (const ElementWrap &root)
this function is too long and unreadable

Member Document::xml_open (const ElementWrap &root)
Use a proper type that can be converted for the paper type.

Member font::FontManager::unalias (const string &fontname, bool recursive=true) const
should we really allow more than one font to have the same alias?

Member FrameWindow::print_to_viewer () const
The tempfile belongs to this call, not to the window. The

Member font::FTMetrics::nameOfGlyph (unsigned int glyph_index) const

Member Pagent::set_matrix (Matrix m)
This is an assert, it should be defined as an assert.

Member PageViewent::PageViewent (View &view, const FrameRef page)
maybe let Page throw a size_changed_signal instead?

Member PageViewent::PageViewent (View &view, const FrameRef page)
update guides when the page size changes

Member StreamDialog::_update (DocRef document_)
get rid of this:

Member StreamDialog::StreamDialog ()
Get a more motivated size, not a hardcoded number of pixels.

Member TextStream::~TextStream ()
Wait for thread to finish or make sure thread can finish without this data.

Member TextStream::~TextStream ()
Do this on a copy of frames, after clearing frames.

Member TextStream::on_file_modified ()
This method should do something that triggers a generate_ps_request from any associated TextFrame that actually is visible. But for now, just call run_typesetter() directly.

Member TextStream::run_typesetter ()
{Tell the old thread to stop and start a new one, this method is (should be) called when there is a _new_ change in the source or frame formats only. This way we lag behind. ... or possibly just accept a little lag, but in that case, make sure a new typesetter_thread is started after the last one that was ignored.}

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